To celebrate our official opening we’re running an amazing promotion for April with less 50% across the entire range of our services!!!

That’s right… Until the end of April, you can record your song’s vocals, voice-over, poetry, singing or even your DJ Mix for just R150 per hour and that is also the minimum charge over this period(if you go over the hour you will need to pay for another etc.)! We can also mix down the track for you within a week at R200 per track for this limited time.

We have both the equipment and knowhow to help you accomplish your goals but pre-booking your session highly essential as we need to customise the channel set up etc. to suite your specific sound.

We’re based in Randburg and are currently only available weekday evenings and certain hours on weekends(See our hours for more specific times). 

Hurry and take the next step today and prepare yourself to stand out.

We’ve made it easy to book your session as quickly as possible,
please click one of the following services and fill in the required form:
– Vocal Recording –
– DJ Demo Recording –
– Mixing –

We look forward to seeing you in the studio!!

~Stand Out Sound


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